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    Author Hiflur Rahman is a author. He has written many stories in many gnres. Action, Horror, Fiction and ETC...

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    Lion Quest

    Roy and The Unusual Forest

    Steve Lave -1

    Steve Lave - 2

    Steve Lave - 3

    The Diary of Author Hiflur Rahman - 1(Debut)

    Ten -10(First Mission)

    Ten - 10(Second Mission)

    Ten - 10(Third Mission)


    Xel - 1

    Short Stories of Author Hiflur Rahman


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    Writing stories in many genres.

    Steve Lave -4 (The Deo Leonda Stone)

    Steve Lave has to continue his life voyage in order to save Alexa. Now, he must travel to New Zealand to find a stone named 'The Deo Leonda Stone'. It would be continued from Steve Lave - 3. He would be distracted by many obstacles but his only mission is to find the stone and save Alexa from death.

    Steve Lave - 3 (The Power Gets Revealed and Problems Rises)

    A boy named 'Steve Lave' goes in search of his true life and powers. He now, gets his powers but along, with it problems also rise. Something will happen to Alexa. Let's Read and Find Out...


    A NightMare. You all know what's the meaning.


    A Boy named Andrew Gets troubled by Calls.


    Atlast, he decides to go to the call's destination.


    There his fates change...

     Steve Lave - 2(The Fasting and Hiking the Himalayas)

    Steve Lave a young boy who will go in search of his powers. Now he will fast and hike a mountain in the Himalayas mountain range. Let's Read and See!

     Steve Lave - 1(The Start Of Wonder)

    a boy named 'Steve Lave' goes in search of his true life and powers.

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